May 16, 2019

Apparently, it’s taken me over half a year to recover from the cancer, radiation, three hospitalizations, struggles with dental bridges and more to reach this moment where I want to reach out to you again. I am deeply  grateful to all who have stayed with me during thi...

May 28, 2018

Take a minute, a New York minute even, and see what comes to you as you open to something you'd like to memorialize on Memorial Day. Memorial means to preserve the memory of, or commemorate. If something comes to you, take the minute just to let it saturate you, be wit...

May 3, 2018

A different way to look at this word we've all had issues with...

April 30, 2018

We've heard this phrase a thousand times, but how do we really feel about it?

April 26, 2018

Take a deep breath and prepare your mind to consider...budgeting. It'll bring liberation! 

April 24, 2018

What does self control have to do with self respect?

April 18, 2018

How much of your identity gets wrapped up in being right?

April 11, 2018

I continue the conversation about the drastic affect our belief about money has on every area of our lives. Here's a story about something a colleague of mine realized after my money presentation...