You Are the Master of Your Own Fate

Oh? I only wish. Too often I sure don't feel that way. And sometimes when I do, it's because for a moment I felt good about letting so-and-so know how I felt about what they said.

Using the terms introduced in my May 30 blog, The Root of Most Difficulties in Relationships, your survival system is controlling your thinking system.

It wasn't really you who was behaving that way, not the authentic you who sometimes you can be proud of because you said what you meant and meant what you said.

Before reading more, slow down for a moment and think about this last sentence with all the you”s in it.

I'm going to show how much more the thinking mind can regulate the survival mind than you realize.

The key:

Tune into priceless inner resources you might never have been aware of until now. Resources that constantly provide data necessary to know which you is running the show.

I like to call your body- your insides- the “boiler room,” a building's heating unit located in the basement. When the temperature is just right, it's forgotten but when the temperature is too hot or cold you have to go down to the boiler room and read the dials on all those gauges to figure out and fix what is causing the malfunction.

Next time I'll show how to read the gauges and what to do with what you discover.

With this introduction to the challenges of being a couple, you're ready to learn how much more your thinking mind can regulate your survival mind than you realize.

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