The Challenge to Mastery: Getting Started!

From prior blogs you were introduced to your defensive fight, flight, freeze, survival mind (May 24) and your CPU (central processing unit), or thinking mind (May 30).

The bad news is that we are masters at pretending that our thinking mind is good at managing our survival mind when the truth is that our thinking minds exist to serve our survival minds. Yes, that's true not only for everyone else but you too.

But wait, there's good news:

Your thinking mind has much more control over your survival mind than you "think" (May 30).

This is no place for pessimism but rather, healthy skepticism. Don't take my word for this or anything else I say. Instead, experiment. Dare to share your experiment with others, particularly those close to you...and your therapist.

You may be a little disappointed that this blog offers hope, but appears to be missing solutions. This is deliberate; it is designed to get your attention. Why?

Because the very hardest step toward living the life you want vs. the one you're living is to take this seriously -

Your thinking mind has much more control over your survival mind than you think.

Back to that good news:

Daniel Kahneman, the Nobel Prize winning cognitive psychologist and author of Thinking Fast and Slow, says the thinking mind is slothful; it doesn't want the job of self regulation and will go to great lengths to avoid taking responsibility for the job.

That's good news???!!!

Tune in Thursday when I'll target that challenge in a blog called Keeping the faith. For you secular readers - probably a hefty majority - don't get nervous. This isn't about God or religion.

Next Monday we'll pick up the boiler room idea from May 31 to go from making sense of all this to doing something about it.

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