Keeping the Faith

My blog, The Challenge to Mastery, contained the following quote:

Your thinking mind has much more control over your survival mind than you "think."

I promised today to spin this positively despite how challenging it seems to many.

How many times have you accomplished something after doubting you could do it? Remember those moments leading up to finally telling yourself "Just do it"?

At first it seemed impossible, or at least too difficult. In a moment like that, had someone asked you:

"What's happening inside you that has you thinking so pessimistically?"

Could you answer coherently? Most couldn't. They would say something like,

"Oh, I don't know, I'm too tired" or,

"it's probably not worth the effort," or,

"suppose I mess up?"

That someone who asked you would intuitively sense that you are procrastinating or rationalizing, and probably wouldn't saying anything avoid embarrassing you.

Begin a practice of noticing and learning how to name what's going on inside you that's driving the pessimism.

It might be tension in your neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen or arms. It might be low-grade sadness, suddenly feeling tired, or a rush of negative thoughts.

The capacity to notice these symptoms is called EQ:

Emotional Intelligence.

Few of us have it intuitively; we have to learn it.

This practice requires what I've called "going down into the boiler room”: looking inside yourself, and reading all the gauges to find out what's truly driving the inertia.

But suppose instead, something inside said to yourself:

"Not this time; I'm going to do it," then did!

That something was faith: the new f word.

One of the great thinkers of the 20th century said that we all have faith; otherwise we wouldn't get out of bed in the morning. That truth now goes with me wherever I go.

Begin practicing EQ with the knowledge that we all have to use faith to overcome the inertia generated by our survival minds. Moment by moment throughout the day, you can choose to keep the faith, or give in to the survival mind and procrastinate or rationalize.

Your choice!

Next blog: More about using EQ to short circuit living on automatic, and move to living on purpose!

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