That Was Just a Test

This blog is designed to cover the confusing tracks left by the last blog, The Voice of Rogersmind Cont. Those who read that blog closely should have thought that I meant the reverse of what I said.

The blog set up an example of someone angrily reacting to feeling mistreated.

I wrote:

"That's the voice of a survival mind serving a thinking mind rather than the other way around."

Well no, it was an example of a thinking mind serving a survival mind: When not coming from our core authentic selves, we are driven more by a desire to get relief from some form of upset than fostering true reconciliation with another person. That is to say, we're in a fight, flight, freeze or appease mode: Our thinking minds are temporarily abducted by our survival minds and deputized to say and do no good.

So here's your assignment to test this out. Once during the day, see if you can identify an instance where your survival mind took over and dominated your thinking mind leading to a thought and behavior that made things worse.

Send me your example and I'll publish replies anonymously in an upcoming blog so we can commiserate about how vulnerable we are to our survival minds.

Please reply below in the Comment section with your comment,

question or suggestion!

I will be happy to get back to you if you like.

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