The Tie Bar

Driving to work today listening to Larry Mantle on KPCC FM, I enjoyed a call-in where listeners told their stories about favorite teachers. Larry's energy and that of his callers were electric: Everyone was so excited to share this kind of experience. Had I not been on a schedule to see clients, I would have joined in with my story of Mr. Reeser, my high school substitute French teacher who introduced me to the world- particularly the worlds of music and art.

That up mood was enough to motivate me to dig to the bottom of my to-do list and finally face the challenge of finding replacement shoe laces, yes shoe laces, for a pair of brown shoes I still love to wear. Would you believe how hard this is? Finally found and laces that would match the shoes closely enough. $3, not bad. I checked out to learn they were going to charge $6 for shipping, bringing the total to about $10 for a pair of shoe laces.

Well! I pressed the chat button and got Milissa. At first she said they would ship from a warehouse which has the control over shipping and related cost. Politely I asked if instead of doing that kind of shipping that would cost so much for such a small item, they could simply put the laces in a plain envelope and send it regular postage. Until her reply I fully expected a "Sorry, we have no control over this; would you like to complete your order?"

To my surprise she came back with, "Go ahead and place your order; we will refund the shipping cost." My faith in humanity restored - first life-changing school teacher stories, now a generous company - I plunged into the day refreshed and ready to reciprocate by offering my best to the afternoon's clients. That's how it works!

As promised Monday in I Just Want Your Attention, tune in next Monday (I know, it was supposed to be in today's blog) to see how Roger addresses the classic after work transition challenge between Jack and Aimee.

Oh, and shop They have much more than just ties.

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