Psychology of Money

Clients familiar with my past are aware of a prior career as an attorney, CPA and Registered Financial Advisor (RIA). A phase of that career was devoted to specializing in personal financial, investment and estate planning.

My practice focused on combining those left brain skills with experience arising out of my own psychotherapy to accomplish two things with clients:

1. Identify, ease and channel clients' apprehensions about money; whether about earning, saving, spending, investing, sharing or enjoying it;

2. Empower them to plan effectively regarding the financial, legal and investment issues key to feeling secure concerning personal finances.

Look for blogs from me about personal finances from time to time.

I begin today on a comedic note around this stress-laden subject by connecting you with the entertaining Judge John Hodgeman:

Clearly Hodgman is not a psychotherapist for we laugh- at the expense of Kenny and his wife- at his blog about getting the most out of cash-back awards.

To their credit, the couple had the courage to submit a rather typical money issue to the "Judge".



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