The 1 Thanksgiving Question We All Should Ask

Whatever else that can be said about Thanksgiving, it takes us out of our rhythm and prompts us to ask ourselves - before others inevitably ask us:

"What are you going to do for Thanksgiving?"

Jamie approached it this way:

Instead of that question, she asked,

"How can I spend Thanksgiving so that looking back afterward, I can say I'm happy about the choices I made."

She had no trouble deciding.

Her kids are 9 and 11, perfect ages to model reaching out even in small ways to do something for others. The internet is loaded with ideas for how to do that.

She and the kids are going to a site called "Big Sunday" which not only has suggestions for Thanksgiving but for any time during the year. They expect to have a blast going through the options and picking several activities and upcoming dates that suit their location and schedule.

It is too late to volunteer to serve dinner or other activities Big Sunday has been promoting for Thanksgiving, but the sheer joy of searching together for an upcoming activity and the anticipation of volunteering are going to make this Thanksgiving one of the best in a long time.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

And for those struggling this Thanksgiving, I pray for healing for you or others for whom you care.

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